Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Out & About - Snap Shots from DUMBO, Brooklyn

New York ceases to surprise me! Born and raised in this amazing city, no matter which borough it is that I am visiting there is always something new and exciting to see.
Late one Friday night, my best friend Amanda (instagram: @apalaces_) and I were exploring the Dumbo scene in Brooklyn and found many interesting little restaurants, art exhibits, and murals. 
Examining the panorama, I found notes of classic old New York; the cobblestone paved streets, brownstone apartments, old factories, and the view of the Manhattan Bridge from the waterfront made for a quintessential NYC night adventure.
Exploring the streets of Dumbo, Amanda and I couldn't help ourselves when we saw this one mural painted on York Street - located under an over pass, two complimenting "Yes!" designs are painted parallel to each other. (both were painted in 2013 by Yuko Shimizu
I thought the mural would be a perfect backdrop for some pictures, and so the impromptu shoot began.  
OOTN Details: floral kimono - H&M, navy romper - Urban Outfitters, double layered skirt - Urban Outfitters, thigh-highs - Urban Outfitters, booties - Steve Madden
I ask myself quite frequently why I choose to pose with my arms straight out.. and Da Vinci's, Vitruvian Man, seems to be my inspiration. 
QOTD: What is your hometown? And what's the best thing about living there?
I love New York because everything is open till late at night, and the city is constantly moving. Fashion and art flourish in the city and I love that I get to witness all of these things on a daily basis.

keep it classy.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Currently Obsessing

Lets get started with my first episode of window-shopper-aholics anonymous; where I María lust over the many items I put in my online shopping cart but can not actually purchase because:
a.) my bank account will go negative if I buy it
b.) my t-mobile bill is due and has surplus charges for the data usage. And even though my service was abysmal, like it always is, I need to pay this bill first before I get into any excess spending.
ohhh, the life struggles of a student budget....

The trend I'm focusing on today is brassieres, and although I'm not french I still call it this because it sounds that much more sexy... silly, I know.
But serious, lingerie this year has had so many new innovations, especially when it comes to the subject of bralettes and soft cup bras. I myself am a member of the itty bitty titty committee, and when I was younger I use to hate the fact that I wasn't as busty as my older sister, to the extent that I even thought about getting surgery. Not until recently had I started to embrace my size and really have enjoyed finding unique delicates that instead of enhancing my size with padding, actually highlights it with beautiful details and sexy lace.
Small as these brassieres are, they can really break the bank. These beauts can vary from $17 - $200 depending on where you look for them, but you can always find similar more affordable designs at places like: Forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. All you have to do is keep an eye out for those designs and purchase them before they sell out. 

Wear these under a cute crop top (examples: 2 & 4) and it'll peak-a-boo at the base of the cropped top anding a little more dynamic to your outfit. 
Or hell, where it under a turtle neck. Regardless of if it's only you seeing what you got going on underneath, these brassieres will make you feel a little bit sexier and confident while fiercely walking down the street. In the end what ever you wear should make you feel your best.

It's crazy how trends always come back. Sex and the City & Carrie Bradshaw brought the visible bra trend into style, and now it's back will some new tricks up its sleeve.

QOTD: What's your current favorite trend? Are you obsessing over these ornate brassieres? or is it not for you?

keep it classy.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Once upon a time, I went to India

It has been over 8 months since I came back from India;
and looking through my hard-drive of pictures it'd be a shame if I didn't share these images & experiences with all of y'all.
Sitting in a cafe, in the LIC area of New York, I flip through the photos I took half a worlds away. It almost seems like fantasy that I once was in India riding on a scooter around Gujarat & visiting many of the sacred temples located in the western half of India.

This trip to India had been all I could dream about for the past couple of years,
and it was even more fulfilling then I thought it would be.
Not only was I able to meet some of the most genuine people in the world, but I was able to immerse myself in a culture completely foreign from my own and learnt how I reacted in certain situations where I felt completely alien.
Being in a country where I was handicapped by the language barrier, I quickly turned into a mime trying to communicate with people. All of a sudden a twitch of the lips or an eyebrow raise became a clue to me of what people were trying to say, and everyday was a constant game of charades.

Keeping this in mind, the first couple of days after I arrived in India I started to adapt.
There everything I saw seemed brighter, I could feel every cool breeze, and it was as if all my senses were heighten because of my lack of speaking. Instead of speaking or even trying to decipher what people were saying, I simply observed; and for once felt I'd completely let go of all my inhibitions and was just letting India show me it's beauty amidst all the chaos.

All of the amazing and even the terrible things I experienced during my trip made me feel alive. The simple fact that I wasn't living with all of these rules or a set routine was freeing. On this amazing trip I was able to step out of my comfort zone and gave myself a chance to grow through every uncomfortable or awkward situation I was faced with and overcame.

I feel so blessed to have seen the views, eaten the food, been welcomed into new families, and walked away with priceless memories.


While abroad I took almost two thousand pictures; although I would love to share with you all the out of focus pictures I took I thought it would better to narrow down what I'd share with y'all - so I decided to show you the fondest memories of my trip.
Here we go....
① Rickshaw Rides
If you've never heard of a rickshaw I am here to enlighten you. These little suckers are the main mode of transportation under of course scooters. Yes, they look cute, and are super colorful.. but the drivers are no saints, and in India road-rage is a necessity to drive around in towns who have absolutely no roadsigns or streetlights.
With-in the first hour of my flight landing in India I rode in the back of one of these, and although small, natives will fill a whole schoolbus load of people into the back of these mini-automobiles.
I must say it's kind of a thrill to see how many people you could actually jam into the back of these.

  Yummy Streetfood 
By far one of my favorite parts of India was the food. I've always loved asian food, and my palate calls for spicy food, so I knew I would be fine. But "food" was always one of the first things people warned me about before leaving on my trip; thankfully my stomach was strong enough to digest... and if it didn't, I definitely came prepared with 2 jumbo size bottles of Pepto.

Not only was street food superrrr affordable, but my, oh, my was it addictive!!!
 You know that feeling you get when you eat chips.. when you feel full, but just really enjoy the crunchiness of the chips and just don't want to stop eating until the bag in empty. Yep, I know it's so good you can't stop!!!
Now I shall introduce you fellow peoples to PANI PURI!! 
(picture above, on the far right)
The best thing on earth, and it's spicy, crunchy, and VEGETARiAN!!! No one loses here!!! 

But the Indians don't stop at just savory/spicy foods, they are great a desserts too! Although not traditional desserts, in India there is a chain of cafes called The Chocolate Room, and they serve the most delectable desserts around.

I introduce you to exhibit A, B, C, & D!: 
...choc-o-gasim, Right?!

③ Birthday Tradition
Unfortunately, I do not have any picture for this one, but I still thought it worth mentioning.
Birthday celebrations in India are like most celebrations all around the world, there was cake and family present, and loads of laughter and happiness. 
The one thing that was different, was a tradition they have where each person invited to the celebration has to feed a spoonful of cake to the birthday girl/boy.
I knew about this tradition before I left to India, but watching it happen with almost 20 guest present made watching this tradition happen that much better.  
Funny fact : by the time everyone fed the birthday boy his cake more than 3/4 of the cake were gone... sharing is caring right?!

④ Ahmedabad Kite Festival
Every year Ahmedabad in Gurjarat, India is home to one of the largest kite festival celebrations in India, and I was fortunate to be there for the festivities. From sunrise to sunset, for two days, everyone would go up to the rooftops of their homes and fly kites... and i'm not just saying 1 or 2 kites, a house hold minimum of kites was at least 50. 
It was beautiful to see all of the street vendors displaying the colorful kites and lanterns for the festival. 
And walking down the street you would see a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns where you could purchase multiple of these kits for less than $1. 
 The beauty I saw in all this was the idea of unity, everyone was flying kites, and eating together and celebrating life.
During those two days it seemed as if the world had stop for these people to simply enjoy their family and just relax and have fun. 
When the sun would fall, and nighttime came upon us, the party didn't stop. Instead of colorful kites, lanterns filled the sky and it almost felt like I was in the movie Tangled. It was a beautiful site and one I will never forget to have witnessed.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A is for the Adventure I am about to Commence.

 I put up the alphabet worth of some of my favorite parts of India on my instagram: @paintedREDD
Follow me for more fun and to see what each of the letters stands for.

After 1 year of saving I've finally reached my goal. 
It's been my dream trip for 5 years to visit India and it's finally become reality and I Maria C Herrera get to enjoy all that India has to offer for three whole weeks!!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Get Ready with Me Halloween : Cheetah

Hey Dolls,
So I made it back within the month, so I think that's a success in itself.
I survived my horrible MIDTERM week and decided to treat myself from all the studying by filming a video before my shift at work.
The filming processes was a bit rushed but it was because I was rushing to get ready for my shift at the restaurant while babysitting my niece.

I decided to go twinsies with my niece and we both dressed up at cheetahs.
I thought the cheetah/leopard would be one of the easiest costumes to do because I could use things I already had at home to begin with and things that I would be able to wear again normally.
I spent the whole week after Halloween working so I didn't get to edit this till now; but I hope you will enjoy the video.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


So you guessed it, I've finally decided to get back 
into the blogging and YouTube game. I had been so busy the past years
 with college, two jobs, depression, lack of inspiration, and drama to actually keep up with my blog, but to tell you the truth I've really missed it. 
Blogging and making videos was my outlet for being creative at a time in my life where I couldn't really be creative at work because I have to stay within the lines of their criteria. But I'm feeling inspired and excited, and am hopeful that I'll be able to manage everything in my life so that I may continue this. 

On a new fun note, I want to start including Fitness, Lifestyle, Vlogs, and DIY posts on both my blog as well as on my YouTube channel. I hope y'all like the idea, and if you want to see something in particular request it in the comments!
I've missed you gals and guys!!!! 

Thanks to my supportive friends especially Amanda who pushed me to restart it all and helped me film this OOTD and also guest stared in the video. She's my bestest girl friend and has a fun and rockin' style! ^__^ <3 Love you MANDII!!!

Pop of NEON:
part 1:
Outfit Stats:
1. Neon Sweater & Printed Jacket - Zara 
2. High-Waisted Shorts - American Apparel 
3. Hat - Urban Outfitters
4. Cognac Boots - Vintage 
5. Ring - H&M
6. Bracelet & Watch - MK
Outfit Stats:
1. Navy Blazer - Ann Taylor 
2. Neon Denim - H&M 
3. Braided Belt - American Eagle
4. Glittery Flats - Gap 
5. Necklace - H&M
6. Cropped Top - H&M
7. Ring - Ecuador Trinket 
 Pop of NEON:
part 2:

Outfit Stats:
1. Tartan Pants - Zara 
2. Si Freak, si Chic Tee - Zara 
3. Shoes - Restricreo
4. Purse - MK
5. Watch - Marc Jacobs
6. Necklace - H&M
7. Glasses - RayBan
Outfit Stats:
1. Neon Pink Top - H&M 
2. High-Waisted Riding Leggings - Hue
3. Wedges - BCBG Generation
4. Purse - Coach 
5. Rings - Forever 21
6. Bracelets - H&M

QOTD: How who you style NEON? Write any request you have in the comments below!

Oh and remember, keep it classy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a little bit of Paris in New York

 Today I had the most amazing adventure with my friend Shelly. 
We hoped onto the 6 train and went to Manhattan; there we got Thai food and talked about girly things... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! (a much needed girls days)
The best part of our adventure was going to LADUREE an amazing pastry shop where they sell the most amazing, scrumptious, drool worthy French macaroons I've ever had.. and that includes the ones I learned to make while working as an apprentice pastry chef in a French bakery.

These bite size treats are def one of my top eats of my life!!!
If you've never heard of LADUREE you need to go! They just opened the first store in the US a couple months ago in Manhattan, NY. (address: 864 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021)
And they actually import the macaroon goodness directly from Paris to New York fresh daily!
Everything about this pastry shop is adorable, so cute!! The bags are a pastel pistachio color, and the store provides a variety of boxes (different colors and sizes) to hold the macaroons... 
I got the lilac one of course, but there were so many different options I wanted them all.

 flavors I bought (left to right): Cherry Blossom, Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate, Pistachio, and Incroyables (which is an almond flavor macaroon with a marshmallowy filling)
 ★ Favorite flavors : Pistachio & Incroyables
you must try them!!!!
 the box, ThE bOx, THE BOX!!! SO CUTE!
 even the store front looked amazing, a fairy tale filled with macaroons!!
Have you ever had LADUREE?! If so tell me your favorite flavors!
must have these goodies again soon.
I'm now def macaroon obsessed, and am considering applying for a job in LADUREE in a couple of weeks.
Hope you liked this post! Food porn I tell you!!
keep it classy.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Battle of Coasts : Lace

this weeks battle:
 Here's my second episode of the segment, Fashion Battle of the Coasts
You might be asking what this is, and I'll explain it quickly to you; my friend, Corey aka misspebblesss, and I are duking it out each episode styling a certain trend or article of clothing. (of course Corey being from California, and I from New York which brings in the coast aspects) This week of course being LACE! <3
To make it even more special, we decided to style lace for the day and night time!

my EAST COAST, NY take on Lace:
 For the day time outfit, I wanted to work more on layering lace
One of my favorite things to do, is layer lace pieces to make them more appropriate depending the time of day. So this a perfect time to pull out corsets, or bustiers and layer shirts over them to get the desired look.
Hopefully you can tell by the pictures, but this is exactly what I did. I love this corset I bought at Forever 21, and wanted to show it off, but not have it seem like i'm selling myself; so I covered it with a sheer button up. Cute I think! ^__^
1. Mesh Button Up - American Apparel, 2. Lace Corset - Forever 21, 3. Green Brief Case - Thrifted, 4. Green Trousers - American Apparel, 5. Heels - Jeffrey Campbell 

Corey's WEST COAST, CA take on Lace:
1. Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21, 2. Lace Top - Allure Boutique, 2. Colorblock Skirt - Forever 21, 4. Boots - DSW
Corey is always fab, and this time I'm loving the rock-n-roll vibe her outfit is giving off! 
The mix of the super feminine lace tank with the leather jacket is perfect blend of hard and soft!!!
Love her outfit!

my EAST COAST, NY take on Lace:
 For the night outfit, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I'm usually not big on wearing dresses, but this one is one of my favorites dresses ever!! It is quite short, but i'm in love with the mod silhouette it's giving off!
I had to add the ankle socks to add a little more quirkiness to the outfit!!! 

1. Lace Dress - Forever 21 2. Ankle socks - Betsey Johnson, 3. Heels - Betsey Johnson , 4. Mesh Leggings - American Apparel, 5. Gold Wallet - Betsey Johnson , 6. Orange & Gold Ring - H&M
Corey's WEST COAST, NY take on Lace:
1. Red Lace Dress - Amiclubwear, 2. Black Bodycon Skirt - Forever 21, 3. Retro Earrings - Rachel Zoe, 4. Leopard Heels - Shoedazzle

WOW!!!! Corey is looking super hot, in this body conscious dress!! Love the combo of the red and black; perfect for Valentine's Day!!! 
And seems like we both gravitated towards the leopard print heels!! 
Fab outfit girly!

Check out Corey's blog : http://misspebblesss.blogspot.com/
Corey's Video video : http://youtu.be/jdLty_uOZGU

Tell us your thoughts!
Which outfit did you prefer?! 
day or night lace?!?!
Corey's West Coast California Lace outfits or My East Coast New York Lace outfits??
tell us down below in the comments, and don't forget to check out Corey's blog post, as well as both of our videos ^___^

Hope you liked this post.
Tell me how you would style lace for the day and night time!!
keep it classy.